From culture and history to Gods and Goddesses to fashion and ritual, we are going to cover all things Viking in this class while invoking the Viking within and conjuring some ancient magic of our own!

Beginning on Yule and continuing for 9 weeks we will:

  • Begin with our initiation week and call forth your inner Viking while preparing your tools and getting ready for the adventure ahead
  • Explore the culture and history of the Vikings busting myths, navigating the nine worlds, and bringing some of this into our daily lives
  • Look at the home and adornment of Viking people and get creative in our own homes, kitchens, and with our sense of style
  • With a pause to consider what we've learned we will pust pash any barriers and navigate through the unkown just like the Vikings
  • We will learn about well known Gods like Odin and Thor and Goddesses like Sif, Frigg, Idun, and more!
  • Over the nine weeks you will make your own set of runes, learn about the stars that guided the Vikings and the plants that fed their soul
  • We will wrap up with a celebration of our journey and honor all that has come to past during our time together in Viking Magic!

Class includes: video and pdf lessons weekly and 3 live gatherings during our time together to share and celebrate our Viking journey!

Gatherings will be held online on December 22, January 26, and February 23 at 1:30pm ET (all will be recorded and available for replay). New class content will be added each Sunday during the nine weeks!

We will also have a private group to chat in along the way and share as we go along!

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Sara Walka
Sara Walka

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