🙌You don’t want to commit to the Enchanted Journey membership or mastermind right now but would LOVE a little something to look forward to each week.

🚀You know that meditation serves many purposes including grounding, clearing, imagining, opening the gateway to your higher self and more! You’re excited to take that time for yourself each week.

⭐You’re a person on the go who really never makes time to sit down and dive deep into something you are learning about or working on. You don’t crave community and know that listening to a meditation on a walk or while doing daily tasks is going to be impactful for you.


  • New meditations are released on Thursdays
  • Currently all meditations are created by Sara Walka, Founder of TSE
  • Meditations available as videos in our class portal and as audio via a private podcast feed
  • Retain access to the meditations for as longas you retain your membership
  • No obligation, cancel anytime
  • This meditation membership is included in the standard Enchanted Journey membership and the mastermind option - if you are a member of one of those, please do not register for this meditation membership
  • Please note the meditation library includes ALL meditations from the Enchanted Journey membership including those created before we 'upped our audio game' 😉


➡️These meditations are a mix of more traditional meditation, experiential meditation, active imagination, and even a bit of learning

➡️Sara does not write the meditations before recording so they are always exactly what comes through at the time of creation

➡️They are delivered with the everyday person in mind so they are typically able to be listened to while on a walk, folding laundry, in the shower, etc. so you don't HAVE to squeeze another thing onto your to-do list


Q: What happens after I sign up?

A: You'll receive an email confirmation and the meditation library will show up in your courses right away. You may need to log out and log back in if it doesn't appear. You'll receive a second email from our podcast player service with instructions on downloading your podcast feed if you'd like to do that.

Q: What happens if I don't like the meditation membership?

A: Log right into the class site and cancel under your account settings. We do not offer refunds.

Q: What if I LOVE this and want to upgrade to the standard Enchanted Journey membership?

A: Please note that we recommend taking Holistic Witchery before becoming an Enchanted Journey member. After hosting the membership for 7 years we know that those who take Holistic Witchery first feel most comfortable in the membership and get the most out of it. Feel free to email us if you'd like information on upgrading to Enchanted Journey standard membership.


The Sisters Enchanted was founded in 2016 with the belief in the power of intention, intuition, and everyday magic and aims to help women expand their confidence, conviction, and creativity so that they can live lives that feel like MAGIC and dance on the grave of the stifling expectations that make them feel stuck.

Through online courses, memberships, and community The Sisters Enchanted teaches a mix of personal development and witchy-woo magic unlike anyone else out there.

The Enchanted Journey Meditation Membership is created by Sara Walka, M.Ed., Founder of The Sisters Enchanted. As a business owner, mom, and recovering over-doer, Sara has been where you are and has the tools to help you expand your energy so you can step into a life that is overflowing with joy, space, and enchantment.

You were born magic and we're here to help you remember.

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