Sharon Blue: Divination and Self Care

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Sharon Blue
Sharon Blue

After completing “Tarot and Self Care” by Sharon Blue you will have an entire tool belt to complete genuine self care in a magical way. Sharon gives you the basics of how to incorporate several forms of divination into your self care practice such as tarot, oracle, pendulums, and tea leaf readings.

Sharon Blue is a verified teacher for The Sisters Enchanted and owner of Blue Empress Tarot. This self paced program includes

  1. Unlimited access to materials
  2. Videos and printable worksheets for all types of learning styles
  3. Access to our app community group where you can get your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
The program is yours to keep after registration and release of the material!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Due to the nature of digital programming and our commitment to keeping our registration rates below industry averages, we do not offer refunds here at The Sisters Enchanted. We have a dedicated Student Support Team who is here to answer questions that you may have during completion of the program!
Who is this program a good fit for?
This program is a great fit for anyone looking for a little soul connection or self exploration. If you want to sprinkle some magic into the mundane, we've got your back and this program will be a good fit for you.
Who is this program NOT a good fit for?
This program is not a great fit for anyone who is not interested whatsoever in tarot or oracle cards or who is put off by words like magic, witchery, or enchantment.
What if I have questions before or after I register?
Simply email us at [email protected] and our Student Support Team will help you out!

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