Kelly Sroka- Connect with Your Deck

A Magical Mentor class with Kelly Sroka

After completing “Connecting with Your Deck” by Kelly Sroka you will have all the tools needed to add further enchantment to your life. This course includes a very methodical 3 step approach in addition to a printable workbook that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take a journey of self discovery through using rational and intuitive tools that will help you to connect with any deck on a soul level.

Kelly Sroka is a Verified Teacher for The Sisters Enchanted and Owner of Kelly Sroka Life, this self paced program includes

  1. Unlimited access to materials
  2. Videos and printable worksheets for all types of learning styles
  3. Access to our app community group where you can get your questions answered

Join Kelly Sroka, Magical Mentor at The Sisters Enchanted, for her self-paced class: Connect to Your Deck. As the owner of Kelly Sroka Life, a student of our Holistic Witchery and Expedition Astrology programs, a professional Tarot reader, and spiritual guide, Kelly is here to help you amplify your connection to your card deck so that you can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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In this class Kelly will give you tips and tricks on creating a ritual to connect to your card deck, finding comfort in your intuitive connection to the deck, and more!

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Kelly Sroka
Kelly Sroka

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